Positive Behavior Change


In my practice I combine my behavioral and psychotherapy training to approach clients from a holistic perspective. My belief is that people possess incredible resilience and I use a strength-based approach, this means we start by identifying and using the strengths you already have, and we build from there. I believe therapy is collaborative and will work with you to identify goals and how we can work together, using practical tools, to achieve them.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers

Individual Therapy

My therapy training is routed in Humanistic, Jungian, psychodynamic philosophy. For me, the most important part of therapy is our relationship, you need feel accepted and understand in order to grow and prosper. Psychodynamic therapy also places emphasis on the relationship while also examining metaphors, symbols, and acknowledging subconscious drive.

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Behavioral Therapy

My behavioral background is grounded in research and data driven. My work in the field has been both in organizational behavioral management and also applied behavioral analysis. I create measurable, obtainable, and functional goals. I also factor in motivation and reinforcement, replacement strategies and coping skills. Keeping all these in mind I then work with people and companies to attain those goals, taking data, and mapping progress along the way. How does this translate to a therapy practice?

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Couples’ Therapy

I have always been fascinated by language and communication and that is something that I bring to my work with couples. I often see myself as a translator, helping couples navigate and express both their feeling and the emotions/desire that drive them. I was trained in in both Gottman and Emotionally Focused couples’ therapy. They are 2 modalities that have been researched and proven effective. 

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My Practice

I offer online individual and couples therapy as well as in-home behavior consultations to families seeking support around specific behavioral issues.s.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

— Carl Jung